• The Taxation of Employment Law Awards This is a detailed paper on the taxation of employment law awards which was presented by Richard Grogan to the Employment Law Association of Ireland in January 2013.
    • Employers watch for pitfalls – The Parchment – Dublin Solicitors Bar Associates Publication, September 2011  Ten artykul rozprawia o przestepstwach podatkowych oraz o tym, jak wykorzystuja je pracodawcy.
    • Law Society Gazette – August / September 2012                                                                                                                              Wages of Sin – an article dealing with the National Minimum Wage Act.
  • Personal Planning for High Net Worth Mobile Executives – CPA / EMEA Conference in Lisbon
  • There is no right to Payment of Wages during Lay-Off – The Fallacy Exposed
    Irish Employment Law Journal Spring 2011.
  • Lay – Off my Case
    Law Society Gazette January / February 2011.
  • Appeals – Getting it all wrong
    Law Society Gazette January / February 2011.
  • Employment Relationships – Back to Basics
    23 June 2010, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
  • Navigating the Equality Quagmire
    February 2009 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
  • The Labour Relations Commission – How to use it in Practice and How it can be Used – Prejudices and Misconceptions
    Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Roscommon Bar Association.
  • Drafting of Wills – a Practical Guide for avoiding Negligence
    The Law Society of Ireland and STEP Ireland.
  • Employing Foreign Workers
    Chartered Institute of Personal and Development.
  • Tax Issues for Successors
    Tips and Traps – Central Law Training Ireland.
  • Contracts of Employment – Back to Basics
    CIPD Annual Conference.
  • Irish Trusts Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • References – Watch Your Back Referee
    Commercial Law Practitioner.
  • Handing over Control of the Family Firm
    Irish Tax Review.
  • Emigration – a Taxing Matter
    Law Society Gazette.
  • Acquisition of a Minority Share Holding in a Private Company – CAT Implications
    Commercial Law Practitioner
  • Pay in lieu of Notice – A headache for employers
    Commercial Law Practitioners
  • Is the Revenue Jumping on the Compo Bandwagon
    Law Society Gazette
  • Section 117 TEA 1997 – Re-visited
    A Compensation Nightmare – Institute of Taxation
  • Fine damage to Commercial Business
    Commercial Law Practitioner
  • Tax and Legal Issues relating to Estate Planning
  • Drink, Drugs, and Employment Law
  • Force Majeure Leave
  • What are Words Worth
    Law Society Gazette
  • Hiring and Firing
    CIPD Annual Conference
  • The Problem of Diversity – Estate Planning for Clients with Foreign assets
    STEP Ireland.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate and Property Transactions
    Commercial Law Practitioner
  • Estate Planning for High Net Worth Individuals
    Central Law Training.

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