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The Parchment – Tax and WRC Decisions – A Disaster Zone SKM 1817071212200

SKM 1817051510150 Letter to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

Irish Times

“Can I be drunk at work? And if not,how can they tell” Irish Times Saturday 25th February 2017 . Article by Patrick Freyne where Richard Grogan of this firm is quoted extensively on this health and safety issue

The Pheonix – Workplace Relations Commission ‘grinding to a halt’. Quote by Richard Grogan 27.01.2017 SKM_28717013013200

Newstalk, George Hook, Interview with Richard Grogan

Irish Legal News – Richard now writes on a regular basis for this legal publication SKM_28716120911250 Coverage of a case we won in the High Court

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Irish Times

Irish Times Richard Grogan comments on a recent pregnancy dismissal

The Sun Richard Grogan comments on a recent pregnancy dismissal

The Journal Richard Grogan comments on a recent pregnancy dismissal

Irish Times 3rd November on the Garda Strike

Irish Times 2nd November on the Garda Strike

Irish Legal News

Irish Legal News Article 08/09/2016  Richard Grogan quoted

Irish Independent 08/09/2016 Richard Grogan quoted

Irish Examiner 08/09/2016 Richard Grogan quoted



Newstalk, George Hook, Interview with Richard Grogan

Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk

The Last Word with Matt Cooper Today FM

Drivetime, Radio One!rii=b9%5F10617770%5F83%5F08%2D09%2D2016%5F

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Older News Items

on 1 December 2016 Richard spoke at the Employment Law 2016 review on the Workplace Relations Act, 2016.

On 24th November 2016 Richard Grogan presented a further course entitled “Workplace Relations Act 2015 and presenting and defending claims in the WRC and the Labour Court” for CMG Professional Training.

On 18th November Richard Grogan presented as part of the Law Society of Ireland Skillnet Group in association with the Southern Law Association and West Cork Bar Association, in Cork, a seminar paper on the Workplace Relations Act, 2015. This is the fourth year in a row Richard had been asked to speak to the Southern Law Association.

On 15 November Richard Grogan presented a paper on the “Workplace Relations Act, 2015 – Tips and Traps” to the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association.

On 11 November 2016 Richard Grogan was a panel speaker at the Practice and Regulations Symposium 2016 presented by the Small Practice Network, The Dublin Solicitors Bar Association and Law Society Finuas Network along with Brendan Keenan and Ross Golden Bannon.

On 24th June 2016 Richard Grogan presented to CMG Professional Training a 1 day workshop on the Workplace Relations Act 2015 and Presenting and Defending claims in the WRC and the Labour Court.

On 13 May 2016 Richard Grogan presented a Law Society of Ireland Skillnet course on the “Workplace Relations Act 2015” to the Leitrim Bar Association, Longford Bar Association, Roscommon Bar Association and Sligo Bar Association in Carrick -on- Shannon.

On 12th May 2016 Richard presented a paper on the Organisation of Working Time Act to the Employment Law Conference 2016.

On 24th March 2016 Richard Grogan was nominated for the Sole Practitioner / Sole Principal of the Year in the Irish Law Awards 2016. The Awards Ceremony was held on 6th May 2016.

On Monday 21st December 2015 Richard Grogan was interviewed as part of the RTE Investigates  programme – “Au Pairs in Ireland”.

On Friday 20 November 2015 Richard Grogan presented a seminar to the Southern Law Association and the Employment Law Association of Ireland, in Cork, titled “The New Workplace Relations Dispute Resolution Procedures Practical Issue of Bringing and Defending Claims”.

In November 2015 Richard Grogan of this firm received an acknowledgement in the University of Limerick “Study on the Prevalence of Zero Hours Contracts among Irish Employers and their Impact on Employees”. In addition the lecture note “The Practical Aspects of Presenting and Defending Working Time Claims from a Practitioners Perspective” being a paper presented by Richard Grogan at a joint Seminar of the Southern Law Association and the Employment Law Association of Ireland in Cork on 28th November 2014 is mentioned in the references which the research team referred to. This firm is delighted that we were asked to participate in this important study.

On Friday 19th June 2015 Richard was interviewed by the Irish Times for an article by Erin McGuire on “What next in the workplace when you are diagnosed with a major illness.”

On Saturday 11th April 2015 Richard Grogan was interviewed for the Irish Independent Weekend Review. A copy of the article is in our publication section. “New Irish Law – Low Pay Low Hours and Low Security”.

On the 26th of March 2015 our firm was nominated for two awards in the Irish Law Awards 2015 being Employment Law Team/Lawyer of the year and Sole Practitioner/Principal of the year. A huge honour to receive two nominations for these prestigious awards.

In March 2015 Richard was appointed Treasurer of the Employment Law Association of Ireland. Richard had been a committee member for the previous two years.

On 7th of February 2015 Richard Grogan presented “The Taxation of Employment Law Awards and Settlements” to the Adjudicators course for Workplace Relations at the request of the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation.

Richard presented a paper on “Zero Hour Contracts” as a panal speaker at a seminar on 2nd February 2015. The other speakers were John Douglas of ICTU, Meave McElwee of IBEC and Professor Mark Bell. The Seminar was chaired by Des Ryan BL. This was reported in Industrial Relations News 5 February 2015.

Richard presented  a paper entitled “The practical issues in bringing and defending Working Time claims” to the ELAI and to the Southern Bar Association on 28th November 2014. At a second joint seminar Richard has presented on 4th December 2014 the same seminar to the joint ELAI/ Limerick Bar Association. Richard would like to thank the Southern Law Association, The Limerick Bar Association and the ELAI for the invitation to speak at the seminars

In the Summer 2014 edition of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association  Newsletter “The Parchment” there is an article entitled “Claiming Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy Simultaneously”. In the Autumn 2014 edition there is an article “Tips and Traps” dealing with common mistakes made in employment cases. In the December issue there is an article “Keep on Trucking”. These are written by Richard Grogan. They can be viewed on or in the publication section of our website.

On 17th June 2014 Richard Grogan presented to the Law Society of Ireland Certificate in Adjudication Course a lecture on the Taxation of Employment Law Awards.

On 22 November 2013 in Cork Richard Grogan presented a paper to the Employment Law Association of Ireland / Southern Bar Association for Lawyers on the “Taxation of Employment Law Awards”. A further lecture in Cork is being planned for late 2014.

Richard Grogan an Employment Law Specialist Solicitor was interviewed for this article by Sean McCarthaigh. The article was supported by the Mary Rafferty Journalism Fund in The Irish Examiner on Monday 28 October 2013.

“Foreign Workers More Likely to take Unfair Dismissal Action”.


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The firm has written a number of Guides to various areas of employment law and accident cases which can be viewed and downloaded from our Information Section. Lecture notes and published articles are available to download from our Publication Section.


The Taxation of Employment Law Awards

This is a detailed paper on the taxation of employment law awards which was presented by Richard Grogan to the Employment Law Association of Ireland in January 2013 and to the Southern Law Association in November 2013 and an updated version was presented in June 2014 to The Law Society of Ireland Adjudicators Course and a further update in October 2015. These can be downloaded from the Publications Section.

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