Fees & Costs

Before you agree to ask us to act for you it is important you know the cost. This section sets out in general terms our approach to fees. If you have any questions just ask. It costs nothing for a quote or to answer any question you may have about our fees and costs.

We only charge for work which has been agreed , in writing, with you in advance and where you are given time to decide whether to engage our firm or not. That is only fair to you.In personal injury claims there is no fee for a first meeting. In Employment cases because some people in the past made appointments but did not show up we charge a small initial fee of €200 inclusive of VAT. If we work out you have a good claim this payment goes towards any deposit you would have to pay. We only have this fee because some people failed to attend and left us unable to meet others with good cases. When you phone the office you will be told how to transfer the monies and what you need to bring with you. For regulatory purposes we unfortunately cannot do telephone consultations . We must personally meet you before we can give any initial advice. Of course after that we can discuss your case with you personally over the phone or whatever way you wish. No deposit paid is used towards our fees until the case finishes. It is only used to pay for outlays incurred on your behalf. We believe that is fair. You know that it is as important for us as for you to finalise your case as quickly as possible. However, you come first. So we only recommend a settlement if we believe it is a good settlement for your case.

Our approach is to provide solution based services which is cost effective, affordable and agreed with you up front at the start. An affordable and reasonable fee is a fair way to charge for our work. We will never start a case for you without agreeing the basis of our fees first. Our role is to provide you with advice. We are there to support you. While we are there to support you our first duty is to give you independent unbiased advice on the law. Our duty is to provide you with that advice even if it is not the advice you want to hear. We will discuss your case, requirements, and, needs with you. We will look to see what legal services we can provide for you. We provide independent unbiased advice on your rights and the Law. If we believe that you have a claim for example under Employment Law or an accident or that we can provide one of our other specialist areas of service to you then we will be prepared to act for you on the basis that we will only get paid for what we do for you. Terms and Conditions will apply but as the nice man in the ad for the bank says “no sneaky ones”. There is no small print in our Terms and Conditions of Engagement. If on the other hand we come to a conclusion that you do not have a case or a case is likely to be unsuccessful or we are not in a position to provide services for you, we will not take your case. We will explain to you in detail why not. You can then walk away and you are perfectly entitled and we will encourage you to seek a second opinion if you do not like ours. In contentious cases we do not charge a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. In employment cases we do charge a small initial consultation fee. We will not use any deposit paid to discharge fees or any part of them until your case is finished.

A Solicitor may not, by law calculate the fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award for settlement. We therefore charge on an hourly basis. Saying this in some cases we will work on a set fee. We are a skilled and qualified firm of Solicitors with specialist experience. Our most valuable asset is our integrity and self respect. We are not going to take a claim which we do not believe is valid. We also have bills to pay and a business to run so we expect to be paid properly for what we do and we are not going to waste our time. If you have a good claim, on the basis of what you tell us, we will be prepared to act for you if it is one of our specialist areas of experience and expertise. We will agree with you in advance how we are to be paid. All fees will be agreed with you in writing before we start. We act without fear or favour. We will act for anybody in any valid claim we believe they have provided we are not restricted from doing so by law. Before any client is taken on this office will operate a conflict check to ensure we are not conflicted in acting for you. If we are we will advise you of same and advise you to go to another Solicitor.

If your claim is dismissed by a Court the judge may order you to pay the Defendants costs. This is why we will only take on a case if we think you will be successful. We do so on the basis of what you tell us. We can only give you advice on what you tell us. Even if you think something is not in your best interest you should tell us. It is only when we get the full truth that we can give you the best possible advice as we rely on what you tell us. We will tell you whether we think you have a good claim or not.


Our Charges.

We will give you details of costs once we receive instructions to act for you or as soon as practicable after that. In writing we will advise you of,

  •  Actual charges, or where that this is not possible/practicable
  •  Estimate of charges, or where this is not possible/practicable
  •  The basis on which charges are to be made.

As a case is going on you will always be entitled to ask for an update as to what the level of our charges will be as at that stage.


*In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement






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