Workplace Stress – An Employee’s Guide

Workplace Stress – An Employee’s Guide

Workplace Stress Claims are issues which we regularly are contacted about.

This Guide is intended to give some outline particulars as to the principles that are involved in Workplace Stress Claims. We hope this will assist employers avoiding such claims.

It is important to state that the Courts have accepted that bullying is one of the most obnoxious traits in human behaviour.

This is so because it involves a deliberate and repeated course of action designed to humiliate and belittle the victim. It is conduct which is intended to reduce the persons sense of self worth. It may occasion significant pain and suffering to a person so treated occurs.

Bullying can occur at any stage of life. The young can bully the old. The old can bully the young. Those in authority can bully pupils or employees.

It is important to note that bullying, workplace stress and occupational stress are all things which are, from a legal point of view different from each other. At times it may appear that they are the same. The same facts may be relevant.

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