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Welcome to our Law Firm Richard Grogan & Associates. We are situated at 9 Herbert Place, Dublin 2.We provide expertise and experience in Employment law,Personal Injury, Accident Claims, and, Taxation in employment law cases. We are not a full service Law Firm. We only provide legal services in those areas of law where we can provide best practice, expertise and experience. We believe we can thereby give you, our client, a top class, best quality, and specialist legal service to obtain the results you are entitled to.




Winners of the Employment Law team of the Year Award 2018 from Irish Law Awards.






We were finalists in 7 other categories being

Excellence in Client Service Dublin 

Excellence in Marketing & Communications 

Law Firm Innovation Award 

Leinster Litigation Law Firm / Lawyer of the Year

Dublin Sole Practitioner / Sole Principal of the Year 

Dublin Solicitor of the Year 

Dublin Law Firm of the Year


We are regarded, despite our size, as one of Irelands best known and top ranked Employment Law Specialist Solicitors and highly regarded Personal Injury Specialist Solicitors. Why is that? The reason we believe we have done so is we have focused like a laser on our clients to bring our experience in acting for our clients. If you believe you have a problem we can help you with we are more than pleased to meet you to see if we can help you. If we can that’s great. If we can’t we will tell you straight away. Beating around the bush is not a skill we are known for. Straight talking in plain language is what we are known for.

We also offer expertise in Personal Injury particularly workplace accidents, car accidents and medical negligence. We provide a full service in the areas of  Taxation in employment matters providing best practice legal services, representation and expertise.  The firm is structured around three main specialist areas being Employment Law, Taxation in employment law cases, and, Accident claims. We strive to bring to your case a top class solution driven service.

We are recognised  as an approachable, friendly and specialist Law Firm in Employment Law and Accident cases offering the highest quality advice, support, expertise and assistance to our clients in the specialist areas in which we operate. Unlike other Law firms we do not claim to be all things to all people. We provide specialist advice in specialised areas where our Principal, Associates, Consultants, and, support staff have particular experience and expertise.

You will find the latest edition of our newsletter “Keeping in Touch” in the publications section of our website. These are in PDF format which you can print. We hope you find them useful and informative. In the sections “Our Services”, “Information” and “Publications” you will find practical and relevant information along with Guides to Employment law and Guides to Accidents relevant to our areas of expertise and specialisms which you may wish to download. They are designed to explain various legal issues and procedures and may help you decide if we can help you with a particular questions you may have or advice you are looking for. We update these regularly. They are designed to give a short , precise overview of the law which may help you in your search for answers to questions which concern your rights. We hope you will find them useful. They are only Guides  and legal advice from a Solicitor should always be sought before acting or refraining from acting on anything in a Guide.

We are members of:

  • The Law Society of Ireland,
  • The Taxation Institute of Ireland,
  • The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Employment Law Association of Ireland (ELAI)
  • The Dublin Solicitors Bar Association, (DSBA), and,
  • The Medical Injuries Alliance
  • Irish Women Lawyers Association
  • Health & Safety Lawyers Association of Ireland

Unlike some we do not claim to be “Expert Solicitors” We do not claim to be the “Best Firm of Solicitors”. We strive to be the best but it is for our clients to decide whether they receive “Expert Advice” or whether we are the “Best Solicitors”. However the number of people who are referred to us by our clients tells us we are doing something right. All we say is that we have specialist expertise in our specialist areas of work as Solicitors and strive to give the best legal service and advice we can.

While we are situated at 9 Herbert Place, Dublin 2 (just beside Baggot Street Bridge), we act for clients throughout Ireland.

We have over 30 years of legal experience. We use plain English and avoid legal jargon in our dealings with you. Plain English and plain speaking is our approach. Now we are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t want straight talking clear, and, precise advice given honestly then we are not the law firm for you. If you want a firm that will tell you what you want to hear not what you need to hear we are not the right Solicitors for you. If however you want a Solicitor who will tell you honestly, from our experience, if you have a good case or claim then we would be delighted to meet you. If you want the best advice and help we can give you with straight talking without legal jargon then talk to us.

We do not claim to know everything about everything. If you come to us with a problem and we do not believe we have the expertise or sometimes just the time, as we are a busy office, to give you the type of service you deserve then we will tell you. The difference in our service , we like to think is that we focus on you the client. Why do we do that? Well its just good business. If you are happy with us and get a good service you will recommend others to us. Therefore we all win. You get what you want and deserve a great service. We get more clients. Everyone is happy.

Whether you wish to use our service or not we always advise that before dealing with any legal issues you get legal advice from a Solicitor. While we will be pleased to help you, you will also obtain from the Law Society of Ireland help in finding a Solicitor in your area. You might also like to read our Guide  How do I go about choosing the right Solicitor for me and Guide on how to choose an Employment Lawyer to represent you. These are not Guides to say choose us. It is our honest and considered views as to how best to choose the right Solicitor for you. It may be us. It would just as easily be another firm. However, as a professional Solicitors firm we want you to find the right Solicitor for you. You need and deserve a Solicitor you feel comfortable with, whom you respect for their legal advice and who provides the necessary expertise to represent your best interests.

We are regularly asked to speak to Solicitors and HR Professionals on our areas of expertise so other professionals must believe we are doing something right.

What is said about us

All comments are from people who are not clients of our firm and are independent. We greatly appreciate these comments. We particularly appreciate the comments from other professionals.  It shows us that other professionals dealing with employment law find our publications relevant. Comments by Solicitors shows us our peers respect our advice and comments. All comments even where names are not given are ones where consent has been given to use them.

Public Endorsement by Colleagues of our Services

Katie McDermott Byrne a family law Solicitor at F.H. O’Reilly & Co. Solicitors on 23 October 2017 on LinkedIn posted;

“Richard Grogan thank you for the fantastic work you did on behalf of a family member in a difficult employment situation. I knew they were in safe hands once you took the case on. Will continue to recommend your services for employment law matters”.

What has been said about our submission to have the Paternity Leave and Benefit Bill, 2016 amended to include the threat of penalisation

“Congrats on a very valuable amendment” – In House Solicitor Dublin

“Well Done” – Employment Law Solicitor Dublin

What has been said about our website

“I thought I would just send you a quick note to say that I enjoyed looking at your website and the various available documents which can be downloaded. I particularly like your approach in relation to fees and costs – straight talking and nice with it” CB Solicitor

“Excellent News Richard” – Shane Dempsey Mediator

“Well done on being so proactive” – Solicitor Mid West

“Great resource” – Mark Eiffe, Legal Counsel at SOS-ventures Investments

“Your insights are brilliant to read. I have some expertise in the employment field but I must say that I have often read your information before I make a judgement myself. You have a great way of assessing information. Moreover, it is very helpful and altruistic of you to provide such expert information in order to assist and help others. That is very much appreciated.” – Sinead Ni Treabhair, Citizens Information

“I have been using your site for updates on employment law for some time and it has been extremely useful for me in executing my role as “legal guru” in a HR function. I find the site very reliable.  – In house HR Consultant.

“Just wanted to say you helped me greatly over the last year with your updates and information” NC, Manager

“Great resource, thanks Richard” Keara McAndrews General Manager Lee Hecht Harrison.

“I admire the valuable information that you share here” – VAT Officer Revenue Commissioners

What has been said about our Newsletter “Keeping In Touch”

“Richard Grogan’s Keeping In Touch Newsletter is authoritative, accessible and a great way for busy practitioners to stay aware of developments in employment law” – John O Keefe, John O’Keefe & Co. Solicitors.

“I’m an avid follower of yours, please keep up the useful posts re employment law!” – Susan Moran – Human Resource Professional.

“Excellent Employment Law Newsletter” – Senior Editor Irish Legal News

“This is a most impressive newsletter” – A leading Academic and practicing Solicitor

“Its a great source of information” – Barbara Mangan, Human Resource Manager, LHM Casey McGrath

“An extremely comprehensive and timely read. Well done Richard for making this important information so freely available” – Alec Coakley – Mediator

“May I say, well done on your Autumn newsletter. Sterling work!” – JJ Legal Executive

“Very Informative” – Group HR Manager

“Its excellent” – Radio presenter and HR Professional

“Hi Richard, Just wanted to say thanks for the newsletter. It is very informative and a great resource to turn to to remind professional of employment rights and obligations when interacting with staff, Best Wishes” – Donal Collins, Chartered Accountant.

“Richards Newsletter is excellent”. – Solicitors in a leading Dublin Law Firm.

“Congratulations on the newsletter it is very useful”. – Barrister who specialises in employment law.

“Very interesting read” Solicitor in a major Irish company.

“Excellent, very useful resource” Jean Kelly, HR Adviser.

“I am enormously impressed by  your knowledge and your generosity in pointing out the issues to others. Well done you. You deserve to be commended for being an example of how good the profession can be” Solicitor, Dublin

“Your newsletters are excellent. Keep up the good work”. John O Keefe, Executive Director, CR Capital Resources Limited

“Thank you for the newsletter, really useful” Niamh Kennedy, Human Resource Consultant.

“I always enjoy reading “Keeping In Touch” which keeps me abreast of anything new” HR Management Graduate

“Very useful and helpful” Valerie O’Hanlon MCIPD

“Extremely helpful and relevant” Niall Glynn of Niall Glynn & Associates Limited.

“Great Newsletter – Its clear a lot of work goes into the Newsletter” – Senior Lawyer in Multi-National organisation.



What has been said about our lecture notes

Reference is to our Taxation of Employment Law Awards – Lecture notes June 2014.

“Hi Richard, I was at the lecture on Tuesday night and must say you delivered it with a passion and it was easily understood. The notes are of great value, thanks!” – Stella O’Sullivan HR Consultant & Mediator

“Excellent lecture Richard well done”  SM course participant

“Excellent as always” M O’R Business Service Professional

Comments in respect of our seminar notes “The Practical Aspect of Presenting and Defending Working Time Claims” presented at two joint seminars to the Southern Law Associatation on 28th November 2014 and The Limerick Bar Association on 4th December 2014 both being joint seminars with ELAI.

“Much appriciated” Dublin Solicitor

“Richard thank you for sharing this paper with us. It is very well presented and reasoned” Niall Cavanagh Barrister-at-Law

“I have attended a few of your seminars in Cork, very informative” Solicitor, Cork

“Pretty impressive, well done” Solicitor, Cork

“Very interesting” Head of a HR department

“They are really comprehensive” Barbara Mangan, HR Manager, LHM Casey McGrath

“Thank you for sharing. This is very useful” Liam Bell BL

All these comments relate to our lecture notes of 7th February 2015 “The Taxation of Employment Law Awards”

“Thank you for sharing the lecture” Partner Solicitors Office

“This is very helpful” Senior inhouse Legal Advisor and Company Secretary

“Thank you Richard; I dont have to attend any Employment  Law CPD seminars! Keep up the good work” Partner Solicitors Office

“Thanks for sharing the lecture notes” Sole Practitioner Solicitor

“It is very well put together and informative. To your credit you are very forthcoming in sharing your undoubted knowledge in this area” Barry Creed, Partner, McDermott Creed & Martyn Solicitors who is an Employment Law Specialist

“Very interesting, well done Richard” Tom McGuinness Partner at McGuinness Killen Partnership Ltd.

The new Workplace Relations Dispute Resolution procedures given to the Southern Law Association / ELAI on 20 November 2015

  • “Thank you for a very interesting presentation” – GO’S Solicitor Cork
  • “Great presentation” – DO’T Cork
  • “Thanks for your presentation” IO’C Cork Institute of Technology


What is said about our Guides

“Comments in relation to our “Guide to Personal Injury/Accident Claims”

“As ever Richard, incredibly generous of your time and knowledge, Thank You” Sole Practitioner Solicitor.

“Consistently impressed by your progressive approach to practice” Nicole Cullen, Solicitor and Company Secretary, Friends Life UK.

Comments in relation to our Guide “Section 11 Rest Intervals at Work”

“Very helpful Richard – Thanks” Managing Partner, Solicitors firm.

“Really good advice here Richard. Well done” Solicitor, Dublin

“Great reminder to all employers…. as a safety professional I get asked about this on a regular basis” Michelle Peate Morgan, CFIOSH

Comment on our Guide “Settlement Agreements”

“It’s very good. Well written and not a topic often covered” Aishling Jordan, Principal Jordan Law

“Excellent Article” Aiden O Connell, HR Analyst PeoplePoint (Shared Human Resources) Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Comment in relation to our Guide “Rights of Mothers who are Breastfeeding”

“Fantastic Article, great to see this topic covered” Elizabeth McGlone, Solicitor, Neves Solicitors LLP – United Kingdom

Comment in relation to our Guide “I have suffered injuries as a result of a crime. Am I entitled to compensation?

“I used to be a member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal. This Guide is very useful” Maurice Dockrell BL

Comment on our information guide Section 19 entitlement to Annual Leave.

“Richard, I really admire both the quality and quantity of your updates. Its very impressive on both counts. Well Done” Paul Mooney MD, Tandem Consulting – Comment on our Guide “Section 21 & 22 Public Holidays” which deals with Bank Holidays.

“Great post Richard sets out salient facts about holiday entitlements and should be really useful information for small business owners”. – Paddy Gahan Founder Ireland’s Small Business Community.

Comment on our Guide to Contracts of Employment and Contracts of Employment in Ireland – Technical Notes

“Thanks Richard that’s a great easy guide to follow”. – Valerie O Hanlon, Clarence Consulting MCIPD, QFA

“Excellent article Richard” John McSweeney Ervia – Small Business Advice.

“Very appropriate and useful” Sid McDonnell – HR Professional

What has been said about our article in the DSBA Parchment “Keep on Trucking” December 2014;

“Congratulations – Its a great article” – LG Solicitor Dublin

“..You have highlighted a most important issue….” FG Solicitor Cork.

“Read the article there, it might be subtitled: Anomaly upon anomaly- but shows the folly of dabbling in this complex area” – TO’S Solicitor.


What has been said about our Guide “CCTV Guidance Notes from the Data Protection Commissioner”.

“Great post. Thanks Richard you do great work for your colleagues” Solicitor Dublin.

What has been said about our article in the DSBA Parchment “Tips and Traps” on LinkedIn;

“Simple, brief but good” – Solicitor who is a specialist in Employment Law

“Richard, thanks for that – I noted in particular that in Public Holiday claims the term “bank holiday” is not the accepted term…one to watch” – Personnel Officer Government Department


“Solicitors for Legal Services” on Linkedin

“Excellent article – have shared” David Reilly, Reilly & Co Solicitors

“Your article is very effective” Fredrick Gosnell, Patrick F. Gosnell Solicitors

All comments are from persons who have consented to these being included on our website.

What is said about us on LinkedIn

“Just a note to thank you for all the fantastic and very useful LinkedIn posts you put up” – Tracey Thomas




In Contentious cases as Solicitor may not charge a fee or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.






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